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HEAT assessment for conflict IDPs in Khaskunar District of Kunar province (02 April 2017)


Joint need assessment of IDPs in Khaskunar district of Kunar


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

The affected families were displaced from Shalai village (which is close to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border) due to cross border shieling, the people of Shalai village claims that the government of Pakistan were firing rockets on the village continuously, people feel the fear of losing their lives and compelled to leave the area and move down into a secure place, so they have settled themselves in Shalai daag area which is located closely to the district center of Khas Kunar district, as they have just saved their lives and left everything including home appliances at their place of origin, currently they are suffering from the lack of food, NFI, shelter, and WASH facilities.
As we were informed about the case by ECHO who were already informed by DACAAR, we coordinated it with DACAAR-Jalalabad and OCHA-Jalalabad, in order to have a clear picture of the case and the situation.Due to some confusions it was decided to reassess these families by a joint assessment team composed of NRC, DoRR, DACAAR, UNHCR partner, WFP partner, and local authorities. The assessment last for 5 days, (27 Mar – 02 April) and identified 189 families which makes a total of 1136 individuals in need of emergency assistance.
As 189 families and 1136 individuals, the average household size for this caseload is 6.01 person among which 95% of the beneficiaries has listed food while 5% listed NFI as their first priority. Meanwhile 95% of the beneficiaries listed their second priority as NFI and 5% food followed by shelter, health and WASH.
Based on assessment team’s observations

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27 Mar 2017 to 02 Apr 2017
Report completed
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Norwegian Refugee Council
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Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
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