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HEAT assessment for conflict IDPs in Khaskunar & Narang districts of Kunar province (05 July 2017)


Joint need assessment of IDPs in Khaskunar and Narang districts of Kunar province


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

Families were displaced because of existence of AOG’s in their areas, they were involved in committees on the district level who were mostly participated in development projects from community side, and it was hard for the AOG’s to afford them there, many times they have warned and attacked on them to financially support these active groups, after all when they thought the village is no more safe for their family members to live in, they decided to move down to the secure areas of Kunar, as they are not economically in a good status to stay at Asadabad to rent a house for their children and afford the expenses of a family as the expenses are much higher compared to districts, therefore they have displaced to far districts like Narang and Khas Kunar. Based on the assessment team’s observation they were living in very poor conditions as they left all their livelihood assets at their places, so the team found 7 households eligible for emergency assistance, which makes a total of 48 individuals and the family composition consists of averagely 6.86 persons.

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Assessment Date(s): 
05 Jul 2017 to 10 Jul 2017
Report completed
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Norwegian Refugee Council
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Afghan Planning Agency
Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
Needs Assessment