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HEAT assessment of conflict IDPs in Samangan Province (02 Apr 2017)

Based on DoRR Samangan report, four families displaced due to insecurity from Bayanan village of Darae Suf Payeen district to center of Aybak city. on the 3rd of April a joint assessment team consist of PIN, IDS-Hamkaar and DoRR representative visited house to house and selected four families as genuine IDPs. During the interview IDPs were claimed the main reason behind their displacement were insecurity, which affected them to flee their houses. Based on IDPs assertion they have lost their nonfood items while fleeing displaced to currently location and lifted their food stock behind as well. The displaced families are accommodated with host families but they have very poor facilities. Hence, the affected families are in an improper situation and suffering from lack of non-food as well as food items. The team noted, for paying transportation they have borrowed money from their close relatives.
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Publicly Available
Assessment Date(s): 
02 Apr 2017 to 03 Apr 2017
Report completed
Population Type(s): 
Conflict affected population
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People in Need
Dara-e- Suf-e- Payin