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HEAT assessment for conflict IDPs in Dehbala district of Nangarhar Province (11 June 2018)


Joint need assessment of IDPs in Dehbala district


Direct Observation

Key findings: 

Summary of Key findings

• The people were displaced due conflict and ongoing cleanup operations supported by air attacks and artillery.
• 88 families which makes 95 families and 771 individuals were selected as genuine IDPS. With this information the average number of families in a household is 1.08 with 8.75 members averagely in each household.
• As the People have left their belongings in their homes and have saved their lives, so, they are in need of assistance.
• Their livelihood has been affected due to conflict and families are still jobless so their income has reduced.
• As families are newly displaced due to conflict, so, their access to education, health, shelter, and WASH have been affected and still suffering from the lack of basic services.
• Food, NFI, and cash are the most prioritized needs of the assessed household since, 100% of the households state food as their first priority needs, at the same time the second priority need was pointed as NFI 100%, and third priority cash 99%.

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Assessment Report: 
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Assessment Date(s): 
11 Jun 2018 to 13 Jun 2018
Report completed
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Leading/Coordinating Organization(s): 
Norwegian Refugee Council
Participating Organization(s): 
Afghan Planning Agency
World Food Programme
Needs Assessment