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South Sudan Humanitarian Snapshot June 2020

Ongoing fighting, seasonal floods and COVID-19 continued to drive humanitarian needs in the country. Localized
violence persisted, leading to a high number of fatalities, forced displacement, sexual and gender-based violence, and
other human rights abuses. Recurring fighting between different ethnic groups in Bor and Pibor areas of Jonglei State
displaced more than 60,000 people and disrupted humanitarian services. In Western Equatoria, armed clashes between
Sudanese traders and armed actors in Tambura town displaced more than 5,400 people. Fighting between armed
groups and attacks on civilians in Morobo County, Central Equatoria, resulted in a number of casualties and displaced
nearly 1,400 people. Violence and cattle raids were also reported in Rumbek East and Yirol East counties in
Lakes; Koch and Panyijiar counties in Unity; and Tonj North County in Warrap. Heavy rains triggered floods
in Panyijiar County, Unity, and Bor South County, Jonglei, affecting thousands. Assessment were ongoing to
identify the number of people displaced by floods and immediate needs. By the end of June, 2,007 people
were confirmed with COVID-19. Desert locusts were observed in Ikotos, Kapoeta East, Lafon, Magwi and Torit
counties, Eastern Equatoria.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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10 Jul 2020
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Humanitarian Snapshot
South Sudan