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Chad: Quick Alerts - 18 September 2020


COVID-19 update

As of 16 September, there have been 1,115 reported cases and 81 deaths in 16 provinces. The newly affected province is Mayo-Kebbi ouest which recorded its first case last week. During a press conference on 11 September, the national coordination for the health response deplored the rise in new COVID-19 cases in Chad. The coordinator, Professor Choua Ouchemi, reported that incoming patients seek medical attention when showing “obvious symptoms of COVID-19”. The easing of COVID-19 restrictive measures among the general population is deemed to be the main cause for this spike in cases. On 12 September, a cargo plane landed in N’Djamena transporting PCR laboratories equipment, oxygen production units and scanners, to support the response to the pandemic.

From 12 to 16 September, 32 new cases have been reported, 25 of which on 16 September alone. Among the latter, 20 cases are from the Mayo-Kebbi est province and are reported to be contact cases. During the weekly meeting of the Health Crisis Management Committee, some recommendations were issued with regard to back-to-school season due to start in a couple of weeks, including: installation of handwashing stations, temperature checks, no more than two students per desk and a 70 cm distance between them, regular disinfecting of classrooms, and staggered recess to avoid large gatherings. (WHO situational reports)

Chikungunya update

As of 16 September, there have been 24,858 reported cases of chikungunya, and no death. Three districts are affected in three different provinces: Abeche (Ouaddaï), Biltine (Wadi Fira), Abdi (Sila). Two suspected cases from Goz Beida (Sila) have been sent for analysis. Patients are taken care of free of charge and authorities continue to disinfect neighborhoods and public transportation and to sensitize the population on how to protect themselves from this disease. (WHO situational reports) > to be continued...

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18 Sep 2020
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