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North-West and South-West, Health Cluster Update Bulletin #09, 01 - 08 July 2020


  1. Early Warning Alert and Response System (EWARS) reported 15 suspected COVID-19 cases and two deaths in Akwaya health district, SW region.

  2. In NW region, 13 out of the I9 health districts reported confirmed cases of COVID-l9. 70 % of the cases have been recorded in Bamenda and 13% of total cases recorded in Fundong health district.

  3. In SW region, 11 out of the I8 health districts reported confirmed cases of COVID-l9. 74% of the cases have been recorded in Buea and Limbe health districts.

  4. Most of the health cluster humanitarian activities are on hold due to temporary suspension because of insecurity in NWSW regions.


  1. More medical supplies (oxygen concentrator/cylinders, COVID-19 treatment kits) in both regions.

  2. Both regions are still in need of more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).

  3. More health districts need to be trained and provided with tools for effective contact tracing.

  4. Stronger sensitization is required to counter the misinformation about the management of COVID-19 in the communities and at health facilities.

  5. More human resources required to support both regional delegations and laboratories.

  6. More human resources required for case management in NWSW regions.

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World Health Organization
Original Publication Date: 
09 Jul 2020
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Humanitarian Bulletin
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Bamenda Coordination Hub
Buea Coordination Hub
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