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Iraq Assessment Tools and Guidance

1. Iraq Common Database of Indicators (CDI) - a repository of Cluster-generated and -endorsed indicators. The CDI offers organizations aiming to conduct assessments a set of indicators to flexibly choose from and combine across several sectors, for either household surveys or community-level assessments. 

For each indicator, the CDI aims to provide the following:
• Domain/category – thematic area that the indicators seeks to evaluate
• Question - to use/adjust in the field
• Response options - exhaustive and exclusive set of options 
• Constraints on the response options (e.g. select one, max. three)
• Guidance for the enumerators/analysis for questions that are more complex and/or sensitive

More on how to use the tool is available in the ‘how to’ guidance note.  

2. Catalogue of Assessment Tools – a catalogue of the main assessment tools used in Iraq.  To help humaniarian actors find the tools that support their respective programmatic requirements, for each listed tool we provide the following information: 
• Pop. group (e.g. IDPs, Returnees, Hosts)
• Unit (e.g. camp, location, hospital, school)
• Coverage (e.g. Ninewa, All Iraq);
• Collection technique (e.g. direct observation, household survey, focus group discussions, key informants) 
• Type/phase (e.g. initial, rapid, in-depth) 
• Frequency (e.g. annual, monthly)
• Description: brief description of what the tool does and how to use it. 
• Outputs and links for the tool, reports, datasets etc.
• Training details 
• Contact details 

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31 Jul 2018
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