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ProCap Appeal 2017


Launched in 2005, ProCap aims to enhance the humanitarian system’s protection response through the deployment of Senior Protection Advisers and the delivery of inter-agency protection capacity trainings. The strategic direction of the project isreviewed regularly to ensure that it responds to changing needs and gaps within the international humanitarian response. An external evaluation in 2007, a Strategic Review in 2009, and an external evaluation in 2011 all confirmed the continued relevance of the project. Activities in 2017 will continue to be guided by the 2014-2016 ProCap Strategy, whilst a new three-year strategy will be developed, following recommendations from an Independent External Review currently underway. The strategy will focus on strengthening the Centrality of Protection through expertise support and advice as well as strategies that aim to place affected people at the centre of humanitarian responses. Key policies and developments stemming from the World Humanitarian Summit will inform priorities and the direction of the Project.  

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Inter-Agency Standing Committee
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01 Jan 2017
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