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Humanitarian Needs Overview - Guidance and Templates (updated July 2017)

This guidance focuses on the preparation of the humanitarian needs overview. It is developed via a coordinated approach to assessment and analysis, bringing together the data, information, and expertise of different actors. The humanitarian needs overview identifies priority humanitarian needs to be addressed in the next stage of the program cycle: strategic planning. It also highlights information gaps and country plans to address these gaps.

The HNO template are available in both English and French in InDesign format as are PDFs in both languages for sharing witrh partners, and an annotated template in English. A content collection form in Word and a charts data collection form in Excel are also available:

HNO Package (75.61 MB)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PACKAGE IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS IN 2016, THERE ARE NO CHANGES. We updated the names of the documents to confirm that these are current.

01_HNO_Guidance_FINAL_EN_July2017.pdf (263.62 KB)
01_HNO_Guidance_FINAL_FR_July2017.pdf (666.22 KB)
02_HNO_Template_EN_July2017.pdf (5.41 MB)
02_HNO_Template_FR_July2017.pdf (5.42 MB) (29.85 MB) (30.17 MB)
02_HNO_Template_WORD_Annotated_July2017.docx (1.42 MB)
02_Useful Instructions for the HNO WORD template.docx (1.36 MB)
03_HNO_CompanionTool_AssessmentsMap.xlsm (2.33 MB) (Please contact Kashif Rehman at: rehman at, for the Assessment mapping tool)
HNO charts.xlsx (458.05 KB)

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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08 Aug 2016
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