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Ethiopia Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin, 29 February 2016

Key Issues

 Given procurement and transportation lead time required, the food sector funding gap should have ideally been covered by the end of February. Without international support, the Government will cover the life-saving gap, but at the cost of planned development programs.

 The Government and partners are expediting the distribution of seeds to farmers to capitalize on the good belg season forecast and before the planting window closes, but significant gaps remain.

 Health sector partners are supporting the Government to respond to various disease outbreaks, including measles, AWD, meningitis, dengue and scabies. Poor funding (3%), poor access to WaSH services, and inadequate drug stocks are some of the challenges faced by the sector. 

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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29 Feb 2016
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Humanitarian Bulletin
Ethiopia: Drought - 2015-2021