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Once you are logged in as an editor to the operational site, you will see a ‘+’ button on the upper right-hand corner. Click on it and you will see the different types of contents you can create as an editor.

Upload content

Once a piece of content has been created, you cannot change the content type. Most of the content types are self-evident. Most content types are controlled by "Features". If the Feature is not enabled, or your role does not have sufficient permissions, you may not see all types of content in the drop down list.

  • Assessment - upload form for relevant assessment documents
  • Cluster / Sector - sub-section of an operation
  • Document - upload form for relevant document types
  • Event - calendar entries for meetings
  • Map / Infographic - upload form for relevant map/infographic types
  • Page - a generic page, often used for embedding maps, videos, and other "iframe" embedded content

If you are a manager and you want to create a sub-section of your space that others can add documents to, you will need to consider if they are a separate group of people (if yes, create a Cluster / Sector), if not it is approprirate to create a Page. Remember that you cannot change the content type once it has been created. This means if you create a Page and then realise you want to assign editing rights to a different group of people, you will need to create a Space and then copy the content from the page to the space.