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Uploading a file

When publishing an assessment, a document or a map you can attach a file. To do so, you now have two options:

  1. Upload a file stored on your computer
  2. Upload a file from your Dropbox account

To use the Dropbox option you must have a Dropbox account. If you are not yet logged in into the account, a pop-up will ask you to log in and then to select the file to upload. When using Dropbox, the file will be copied into, so you do not have to worry about deleting it in the future from your Dropbox account.

When creating a new document and/or map you can upload up to four files. If you need to upload more than four files, save you form and then edit. Once you edit the document and/or map record you will be able to add more files. Our recommendation is however to upload only one file per record and use the “Related content” field to connect content. By uploading each file separately, you can assign specific tagging and its proper title, making the content better organized. For further info read the editorial guidelines.

Editing an uploaded file

In case there is a need to update or replace the actual file and to keep the same URL of the content page i.e. link which is already shared, then use the following steps to make changes to the content.

  1. Go to the content page of the file, For instance, we want to change the actual file in the content; “WHS ESA Regional Consultation Co-Chairs’ Summary report”.  i.e
  2. Click on Edit tab to edit this content
  3. Remove the old file and upload the new one; Here is the screen-shot;

  4. Click Save at the end of the page to save the file. This way URL to the content page or the title of the document will remain the same.
  5. Now the old fiel is replaces with the new one and peole will be able to access the new file from the same URL i.e.