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Setting up new site

The new site is usually created with core set of features such as ‘Documents’, Contacts, Calendar and Visuals to manage basic operational information in a given emergency operation and to server the information needs of the information management community but those features could be turned on or off based on the requirements of the IM office.

New operational site in the can be created upon request from the OCHA and other UN agency to support the sudden onset crisis or existing ongoing humanitarian operations.

Criteria for new Site

One of the following criteria need to be applied when requesting a new site;

  1. If the request is coming from OCHA Office then it needs to be approved by Head of Office (HoO) given that the respective Desk officer or focal point in Coordination and Response Division (CDR) at HQ has been notified.
  2. If the request for new site is coming from country where there is no OCHA presence, then it needs to be approved by respective Head of Office of given entity and preferably prove that local equivalent to HCT (RC, National Response Authority, etc) has been notified.
  3. The requesting office has the technical capacity to manage the site once it is created and maintain the site up-to-date with the latest operational information resources.  
  4. The office or entity is willing to accept our "shut-down" criteria i.e. “If the site content becomes obsolete or stale, OCHA FIS (Field Information Support) reserves the right to hide or archive the site (e.g. if content is not updated within 4 weeks)”.

Steps to consider after the new site is created

Country or operational office should go through the following steps when the new site created;

  1. Provide the name and email address of focal point for the website who will get 'Manager' role for do day-to-day operations like managing the content and maintaining the overall website.
  2. Make sure that the focal point has already registered in Humanitarian ID to be able to login to his/her space or site. Password recovery is available through the Humanitarian ID Auth service.
  3. Update the Administrative Boundaries CODs (Levels 1,2,3 etc.)  Shapefiles available on Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX). You will need to provide the URL for the CODs on HDX so that we may import the file. Once the COD for Admin Boundaries has been imported, you will be able to add locations to several content types, including Assessments, and Events.
  4. MailChimp API Key: If you have MailChimp account for your country office, please share with us your API key so that we can integrate your MailChimp account into our website which will help you send emails to your contact list, notify your website subscribers of the new content on your site and other newsletter materials.
  5. Since the operational site is mainly used as information sharing platform for inter-agencies partners, provide list of active clusters, sectors or working group you may have so that we can activate them while creating the new site.
  6. If further assistance is needed, contact the HR support team