Humanitarianresponse Logo offers to its users a simulation/ training site that managers can use when facilitating a training.

Simulation/Training Site - Home Page

The site, available at, mirrors the structure of an operational / country site and has all available features including “Contacts”, “Events”,“Documents”,“Maps/Infographic”,“Offices”, and “Assessments”.  The site allows a manager to assign user roles, upload content, edit the left hand side menu the same way as in any operation site.

If you would like to use this simulation site, send us an email at and we will create your simulation environment and will grant you access to it. Kindly be informed that once your training is over, it is your responsibility to delete files you may have uploaded or events that you created.

Note: Ahead of the training, all people involved should create an account in HumanitarianID and log in at least once into to activate the account. To get more info on the account creation click here.

Examples of activities you can perform in the training site

If you have an editor role, you can:

In addition to the above list, if you are a manager you can: