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Events are a strategic part of content that helps the coordination of disasters and crises responses in-country. In order for events to be useful they must be of relevance to the humanitarian community and must provide all the necessary information.

Before creating a new event, make sure it is not already available on the site. To do so check the events calendar of your operation or the global events repository. This step is important to avoid creating duplicate content.

To create an event, log in on and navigate to your space, then follow these three steps:

Step 1: Click on “+” on top of the page and click on Event

Step 2 - Fill in the form

On each operation site, events can be filtered by “Coordination hubs”, “Location”, “Clusters/Sectors”, “Event Category”. Additionally on the global site, at, events can also be filtered by “Operation”, “Disaster”, and “Themes”. This is if you provide all the necessary information when publishing the event. Be accurate and fill in as many fields as possible.

As a minimum you should indicate:

  • Language: Indicate one of the languages listed. If the language of the event is not in the list, leave “English” as default.
  • Title: Indicate the title of the event. To be useful and understandable the title must specify the most important information regarding the event, including the subject of the event, the event category, the cluster, the coordination hub (when applicable). It should also avoid acronyms as much as possible. With the aim of helping users writing good and standardized titles, we have developed standards and naming conventions.
  • Event category: Indicate wheter the event is a conference, a meeting, a training or a workshop.
  • Date(s): Use this field to indicate when (date and time) the event will take place.

We strongly advise to take advantage of the Event description field in order to give more information to the site visitor as well as specifying a Venue and adding Contact(s) (people that the site visitor can reach out to for questions on the event).

Step 3 - Save and publish the event


Note: If you are a contributor, you will only be able to save the event as draft. An editor (and/or manager) of your space will then need to publish it.

To read more about this, see our complete “Editorial Guidelines”.

For any editorial question you may have do not hesitate to contact us at