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Blog posts published on ( must be of relevance to the humanitarian community responding to humanitarian crises and emergencies. Please be aware that the blog feature may be discontinued in the future.

To post a blog in on and navigate to your space, then follow these three steps:

Step 1 - Click on “+” on top of the page and click on “Blog post”

Step 2 - Fill in the form

Be accurate and fill in as many relevant fields as possible (some are mandatory, while other are optional). The more metadata you associate with your blog the more searchable and well organized your it will be.

As a minimum you should indicate:

  • Language: Indicate one of the languages listed. If the language of the document is not in the list, leave “English” as default.
  • Title: Insert here the original title of your blog
  • Text: Insert here the text of the blog.

Step 3 - Save and publish the blog

Note: If you are a contributor, you will only be able to save the blog as draft. An editor (and/or manager) of your space will then need to publish it.

To read more about this, see our complete “Editorial Guidelines”.

For any editorial question you may have do not hesitate to contact us at