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Sometime the website focal points create a custom page in their site to show specific information and want to link it from the main page with menu item so that site visitors can easily access that page. In order to create, change or remove the existing menu items, follow the steps below.


Add new Menu item

  1. Login to your site with ‘Manager’ role as only user with ‘Manager’ role can make those changes.
  2. In the front page, click on the ‘Content’ tab to access the site content. See the screenshot.

  3. Once you click on the ‘Content’ tab, all the site content will be listed. Here we need to find the content type ‘page’ to make link to it. From the ‘Type’ drop-down list, select the ‘page’ as you can see in the screenshot.

  4. Suppose we want to add new menu item ‘HFR’ under ‘Funding’ to link it to the page  ‘HRF” which is already created in Ethiopia site. Right click on the link ’HRF” and copy the url of this page.
  5. Go back to the main page of your site e.g. Ethiopia home page, i.e. ‘’ and click on the ‘Group’ tab and then ‘Menus’ link to access the menu items feature.

  6. Once you are in the Menus page, click on the ‘add link’ link to add new menu item.

  7. In the ‘Add new item menu’ page, Provide the menu link title, e.g. ‘Funding’ as the header of the menus.
  8. In the ‘Path’, provide ‘<nolink>’ since we want this item ‘Funding’ to appear bold without link.
  9. From the ‘Parent link’ drop-down list, select the country/space name.
  10. Click on Save button. Now when you visit the homepage, you will see the the item is added.
  11. Now lets add the menu item itself to make link to the HRF page. Repeat step# 5 and 6.
  12. In the ‘Add new item menu’ page, Provide the menu link title, e.g. ‘HRF’ as the title of the menu item.
  13. In the path, paste the URL you copied in step# 4 and remove the text in the URL, e.g. keep only the portion ‘operations/ethiopia/hrf’.
  14. Select ‘Funding’ from the Parent link since we want the ‘HRF’ item to appear under ‘Funding’ and click Save at the bottom. See the screenshot.

  15. if you have followed the steps correctly, then you should be able to see the new item ‘HRF’ in the left menu items. See the screenshot.

Edit or remove existing menu item

  1. If you need to edit or remove the existing menu item, then go to the main page and click on the ‘Group’ tab.
  2. Click on the 'menu' tab, then ‘list link’ to list all the menu items already added in the site.
  3. Depends on what you need to do, click on either edit or remove link to make that changes. See the screenshot below.