Humanitarianresponse Logo brings together content from operations all over the world. We want to ensure this content is displayed on the site at its best. To this end, we have developed standards that will help harmonize how content is presented across all different country sites.

(Click on the below image to view the complete guidance) Standards and Naming Conventions Document

The standards have been developed for the following content types:

  • Assessments
  • Documents
  • Maps/Infographics
  • Events
  • File names

It is important that editors and managers follow these conventions when uploading content on because they enhance consistency and clarity, on top of giving a cleaner structure to the website content.

For documents titles (as well as for maps/infographic and assessments), the basic standard is:

Title = Original Title

When you publish a new document, you should always write the original title of the publication in the title field. Do not use abbreviations or variations of the original title. You will also see this instruction in the document posting form.

When the original title is too generic or is missing some valuable information though, you should add this information.

For example, for a title to be clear, and easy to understand, it should state the country (or region) the document refers to. When documents are all together in a list as in, withouth country in the title the user cannot clearly understand what the document refers to.

If no country is given in the original title, the standard becomes:

Title= Country or Region: Original title

Titre= Pays ou Région : Titre original

(Note: For French documents there should be a space before the colon)

Let's take this document: with the current title it is impossible for the user to know what country it refers to.

A much clearer title would be:

Democratic Republic of Congo: Humanitarian needs overview at a glance, 2016

There are of course lots of different scenarios, for this we recommend reading the Standards and Naming Conventions document you can find by clicking here.

Please note that especially in case of sequential series of documents, maps/infographics or assessments, once a naming convention has been adopted, it is critical to keep it consistent, including capitalization, spacing, punctuation, dates and so on. If there are variations, the risk is for the content to look messy or even fall out of sequence.