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If you publish similar content (e.g. the same Bulletin or Meeting Minutes every week) you can take advantage of the "Clone" feature.  Instead of filling in a new upload form every time, you can "clone" a previously uploaded Document or Map.  This will open a new form with some pre-populated fields.  For example, if you are uploading multiple reference maps rather than entering "Organization", "Cluster",  "Coordination hub", "Disaster"  etc. multiple times, by "cloning" your previous Map that information will carry over to the new upload form.  A step-by-step explanation is outlined below:

1. Identify the content item to "clone"
Select "Clone content" button.  This button is only visible in operational spaces where you are a "manager" or "editor".  Please see: User roles in for more information. 

2. Content carried over
For Documents or Maps/Infographics, the following metadata is carried over from the previous upload form:

  • Language
  • Document Type or Map/Infographic Type
  • Organizations
  • Clusters/Sectors
  • Description or Summary of content
  • Data sources
  • Location
  • Coordination Hubs
  • Disaster(s)/Emergencies
  • Themes
  • Related content
  • Webspaces
  • Content visibility


3. Metadata not carried over: change "Title", "Date", and "File(s)"
"Title", "Date" and "Files" are not carried over as part of "cloning", please make sure to update these content fields.  For more information on uploading content using Dropbox, please see: Upload from Computer or Dropbox.

4. Save your updated content (and move on to the next item)