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In version 2.0, you can change the layout of the page to add content in various region of the page. We have provided different layout options to match them according to the needs of the office. 

Use the following steps to change the page layout;

  1. Once you login to the site, go to the page you want to change its layout.
  2. Click on the ‘Change layout’ button at the bottom of the page to change how the content should appear on the page.
  3. Here you see all the layout options you can select for the page. Usually we choose ‘Sutro Double’ layout with two columns for the cluster pages but you can choose any layout you find appropriate. Once you select your favorite layout, click on the ‘Save’ button in the next window to save your layout settings. See the screenshots below.

    Choose page layout option

    Save Page layout

  4. Now your page layout is saved and your can use the steps explained in the section Add Content in page to add the content to the front page, cluster specific pages or other pages in your site.