Humanitarianresponse Logo

If you would like to add an image or a logo to your site and/or sub-site, you can easily do so by creating a "Custom content" widget, as explained below. For this you will need to have a manager role for the space you want to edit.

Let’s take the example of the UNHAS Logo uploaded on the Cameroon home page.

1) Log in and navigate to the space where you want to add the image (Cameroon in this example)

2) Click on the ‘Customize this page’ at the bottom of the page

3) Click on the ‘+’ sign to add the pane “Custom content”

4) Click on “Custom content” and then “Add” a “Free text” box.

5) When you are in the form, complete the following steps:

  • Image: Add the image to the Body, by clicking on the image icon in the toolbar. You will be able to select an image stored in your computer and upload it.
  • Title (optional): If you like to indicate a title for the image, write it in the Title field, otherwise you can leave the field empty and only show the image/logo.

6) After uploading the image click on “Finish” at the bottom of the form.

7) To finalize the changes you made, once you are back on the space page click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.