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You can add new offices / coordination hubs to your space.

Before creating a new office, review existing ones to ensure that you're not duplicating content. To do so, click on 'Content' and then filter through the content in your space by selecting 'Office / Coordination Hub' in the Type dropdown. This will give you a list of all offices / coordination hubs, both published and unpublished, belonging to your space.

To create a new office / coordination hub, log into and navigate to your space, then follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click on “+” on top of the page and click on “Office / Coordination Hub”

Screenshot of the top bar menu

Step 2 - Fill in the form

Screenshot of the new office form

There are only two required fields in the form, the title and the webspace. Fill in the other fields with the desired contact information.

If you intend to tag your content with this information, you will need to define your new office as a coordination hub. To do so, check the "Is coordination hub" box - this will make the hub available on your content forms and you will be able to tag your content appropriately.

Step 3 - Save and publish the office / coordination hub

Screenshot of the new office save form

You have now created a new office / coordination hub! It should now be available to your visitors under the Offices / Coordination Hubs menu option in the horizontal menu:

Screenshot of the Offices / Coordination hubs listing page

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