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Tropical Cyclone Belna - Dec 2019

Tropical Cyclone TWO formed over the southern Indian Ocean on 1 December, moving south-west towards Madagascar. On 5 December at 6.00 UTC, its centre was approximately 550 km north of the northern coast of Madagascar, with maximum sustained winds of 64 km/h. expected to pass between the north-west coast of Madagascar and east Mayotte on 7-8 December...The Meteorological Department of Mozambique has issued an alert for heavy rain and strong winds over the central and northern regions of the country. ([ECHO, 5 Dec 2019](

The low-pressure system located north of Madagascar has intensified into Severe Tropical Storm Belna...Five districts in Madagascar— Boeny, Diana, Melaky, Sava and Sofia —have been placed on warning (green alert) by Meteo Madagascar. ([OCHA, 6 Dec 2019](

Tropical Cyclone Belna made landfall in Soalala district in the west of Madagascar on the afternoon of 9 December, bringing strong winds and torrential rain. At least two people have reportedly died and at least three more are missing. Houses have been damaged and Soalala hospital was flooded when a protective dyke cracked. Belna has weakened into a tropical storm and is moving towards the south, where it is expected to bring further rain and the risk of flooding. ([OCHA, 10 Dec 2019](
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- [La Metéo France la Réunion : Belna](

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