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Tropical Storm Eliakim - Mar 2018

Severe Tropical Storm Eliakim made landfall in the Masoala Peninsula on 16 March at 10 a.m. local time. The weather system is expected to make a second landfall in the district of Mananara Nord in the afternoon of 16 March. Eliakim is expected to bring intense rainfall, which could trigger widespread and lifethreatening flooding and mudslides in the coming days. Locations on high alert (red) for major flooding include the SAVA, Analanjirofo, Sofia and Alaotra Mangoro regions. Evacuations are ongoing in areas expected to be hardest hit. ([OCHA, 16 Mar 2018](

Severe [TS] Eliakim passed through Madagascar from 16 to 18 March 2018, bringing intense rainfall, floods and winds. The worst-affected areas were the Antongil Bay and Masoala Peninsula in Maroantsetra District, and Mandritsara and Ambilobe districts. According to the Malagasy authorities, as of 18 March, about 15,770 people had been impacted by [TS] Eliakim, including 6,280 people temporarily displaced and 17 dead. The storm destroyed 648 houses, damaged 251, and flooded 1,271. ([OCHA, 19 Mar 2018](

Preliminary reports from an aerial assessment indicate that some 18,800 people have been affected. Twenty people have been confirmed dead and one is missing. Eliakim also damaged infrastructure, particularly roads and schools. Housing, rice fields and water points were also damaged by flooding. There are an estimated 61 damaged classrooms, 687 destroyed houses and 643 water points flooded which has left 14,200 people without access to potable water and 43,000 without access to adequate sanitation. Some of the displaced and evacuated people have already returned to their homes, while some remain in temporary sites in Maroantsetra and Antalaha. ([OCHA, 21 Mar 2018](

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