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DR Congo: Ebola Outbreak - Aug 2018

The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo announced on 01 Aug 2018 that preliminary laboratory results indicate a cluster of cases of Ebola virus in North Kivu province. The announcement was issued little more than a week after the Ministry of Health declared the end of an outbreak in Equateur Province in the far western part of the country, some 2500 km from North Kivu.
“This new cluster is occurring in an environment which is very different from where we were operating in the northwest,” said Dr Peter Salama, WHO Deputy Director-General, Emergency Preparedness and Response. ([WHO, 01 Aug 2018](

The DRC Red Cross has a strong in-country capacity to respond to Ebola, with 60,000 volunteers across the country. Red Cross teams in DRC played a significant role in containing the recent Ebola outbreak in Equateur Province, as well as all the previous ones since the disease was first identified in 1976.
IFRC is ready to provide technical and financial support to local Red Cross response efforts on the ground. This could include redeploying personnel involved in the Ebola response in Equateur Province, as well as the deployment of new experts if necessary. ([IFRC, 02 Aug 2018](

As of 3 August 2018, a total of 43 Ebola virus disease cases (13 confirmed and 30 probable), including 33 deaths, have been reported. An additional 33 suspected cases are currently pending laboratory testing to confirm or exclude Ebola virus disease. Three healthcare workers have been affected, of whom two have died. ([WHO, 04 Aug 2018](

The Ministry of Public Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo today [8 August] announced the launch of Ebola vaccinations for high risk populations in North Kivu province. The vaccinations have begun just one week after the announcement of a second outbreak of Ebola this year in the country. A total of 44 cases have been reported so far, of which 17 have been confirmed. Work has begun to prepare ring vaccination in the Mangina health area, 30km from the town of Beni. ([WHO, 8 Aug 2018](

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