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ProCap is an inter-agency project that responds to priority gaps and needs in emergency protection responses. The purpose of the project is to maintain and further develop a protection standby capacity of qualified and experienced protection advisers to support the strategic and operational protection response of UN agencies for the internally displaced and other vulnerable populations. Agencies receiving ProCap personnel are expected to contribute to the Country Team’s overall collective protection response.

You can consult the ProCap 2014-2017 Strategy here.

Deployment of Senior ProCap Advisers

ProCap deploys senior personnel with proven protection expertise to humanitarian emergencies at field, regional and global level, caused either by disaster or conflict, in the immediate aftermath or at a later stage, and to protracted or neglected crises. ProCap can also respond in transitional contexts.

Senior ProCap Advisers are an inter-agency resource deployed to the Humanitarian Coordinator, UN agencies, and integrated missions.

Building Protection Standby Capacity

ProCap seeks to enhance the number, quality and effectiveness of protection personnel in existing rosters, to increase roster size and diversity, support skills and knowledge of current protection policy, and promote the appropriate and timely deployment of protection personnel.

ProCap works closely with a number of Standby Partners - Austcare, Canadem, the Danish Refugee Council, the Norwegian Refugee Council, RedR Australia, Save the Children Sweden, Denmark and Norway – to help build their protection capacity through its training programme for Protection Standby Experts. The mid-level experts (SPEs at UN P3/P4 equivalent) are members of the respective rosters – and are seconded through standing arrangements between UN agencies and Standby Partners.

Training for Protection

ProCap seeks to build protection knowledge and skills through a variety of mechanisms, including a 6-day residential training programme. The field-focused and skills-based ProCap Protection Training has already provided more than 200 participants from standby rosters, through training events, with the skills to undertake context-specific protection analysis, establish priorities, design and plan inter-agency responses and advocate for protection. It complements issue- and agency-specific protection training. The formalisation of the training modules and the integral Training of Trainers initiative extends the outreach and use of the training material within and beyond its primary target audience of roster personnel. ProCap is working closely with the PCWG Taskforce on Learning to develop and roll out its new training course on protection coordination.

Facilitating Information Exchange and Common Standards

ProCap seeks to strengthen common understandings and approaches to protection through all aspects of the project. Meetings with UN agencies and Standby Partners provide a forum to share and discuss common issues of concern in the management and deployment of surge and standby capacity, and feeds into broader discussions by the Protection Cluster on staffing.

Evaluation of ProCap

The Project is evaluated on a regular basis through external evaluations (August 2017), as well as through reviews undertaken by the Steering Committee, with Donor Stakeholders, with the Senior Protection Advisers themselves and through field assessment and advocacy missions.