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The ProCap project regular updates and news on the project (ProCap events, ProCap inter-agency Protection Coordination Training Events, Funding overview, Recent evaluations of ProCap), an overview of ongoing ProCap deployments, and analysis from our ProCap Officers on developments in the field.

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ProCap Updates:

ProCap Trainings:

  • Norway 10th to 15th of April
  •  Dakar 8th to 13th of May (in French, with focus on the Boko Haram crisis)
  • Geneva 4th to 9th of September
  • Nairobi 13th to 18th November (with focus on Sudan/South Sudan)



July 2014 Strenghtening the Protection Response in CAR | Facilitating the coordination of the Syria response from Turkey | Encouraging national dialogue on relocation rights in the Philippines. Click here to read the July newsletter

May 2014 ProCap Senior Protection Officers Paul White and Isabelle Rivolet published "Leaps and bounds, mainstreaming protection in food security", Humanitarian Practice Network, May 2014


May 2013 Yemen - National TV coverage of a consultation on IDP Policy in Yemen, 8 May 2013. Please click here to watch. 

The consultation meeting of various relevant ministries was opened by the Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Head of Executive Unit for IDPs, Director General of Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and UNHCR/ProCap Officer Erin Mooney. Please click here for the translation in English.

Also see Erin Mooney's article , 'Flight, fragility and furthering stability in Yemen', Forced Migration Review, 2013

May 2013 Durable solution for IDPs in Burundi l Addressing child protection needs in the Sahel l Integrating child protection into the response to the Sahel crisis: A focus on psychosocial support

January 2013 Protection coordination mechanisms in Nepal l ProCap training in Oslo December 2012 l Emerging approaches to mainstreaming protection into food security clusters


May 2012 Reflections on hosting a ProCap Officer in Kenya l A Land, Housing and Property Assignment in the Philippines l Working with WFP on protection in DRC