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What Does The IASC Humanitarian System-Wide Level 3 Emergency Response Mean In Practice? Agreeing on a common understanding of the L3 Response

Q1:         What is an IASC Humanitarian System-Wide Emergency Response (‘Level 3/L3 Response’)?

A1:         Declaration of an IASC Humanitarian System-Wide Emergency Response (‘Level 3/L3’ Response) activates a system-wide mobilization of capacity (leadership, staffing and funding) to enable accelerated and scaled-up delivery of assistance and protection to people in need, including by:

Setting up enhanced leadership and coordination capacities of the humanitarian system; and
Engaging IASC member organizations to ensure that they put in place the right systems and urgently mobilize resources to contribute to the response as per their mandate/focus areas.

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Inter-Agency Standing Committee
Original Publication Date: 
13 May 2015
Document type: 
Transformative Agenda