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This page of is a dedicated resource page for Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other civil society groups active in humanitarian contexts. Within it you'll find resource materials, guidance notes and articles aimed at helping NGOs and community-based organizations strategically engage with the humanitarian architecture and ongoing humanitarian action more broadly. 

In support of NGO participation within the World Humanitarian Summit, member briefing books were developed inclusive of the U.S. NGO Commitments for the World Humanitarian Summit to make concrete commitments in pursuit of effective humanitarian action that strive to ‘leave no one behind’. Following the Summit six international NGO networks - Coordination SUD, ICVA, InterAction, Near, VENRO and VOICE –  joined together to issue a collective NGO networks' statement. More to come regarding post-Summit follow-up. In the meantime please see our expanded FAQ site  on the WHS and Grand Bargain. 

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