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     1. What is it?

The IASC Humanitarian Coordination Pool (HC Pool), was created in 2009 to identify within humanitarian organizations, talented individuals who would be interested and suitable for humanitarian coordination leadership positions. It is managed by OCHA Humanitarian Leadership Strengthening Section on behalf of and in collaboration with IASC partners.

The HC Pool is currently composed of 143 members with one third already serving in Humanitarian Coordinators’ roles. Still there is a need to increase the diversity of its composition, especially with respect to gender, geography, and agency of origin.

     2. What does it mean to be part of the HC Pool?

Members of the HC Pools are pre-vetted by the humanitarian community for field humanitarian coordination leadership functions. When looking for candidates for humanitarian coordination leadership roles (e.g. RC, RC/HC, DHC, RHC…) in the field, IASC organizations will first review the HC Pool membership. Information gathered during the HC Pool process will allow IASC organization to best evaluate the suitability of candidates for a specific role.

As such members of the HC Pool benefit from dedicated support and services through the HLSS:

  • Career counseling and support: access to exclusive vacant positions, review of personal applications and executive coaching;
  • Leadership support when transitioning in or out from collective humanitarian coordination leadership position (e.g. mentoring upon taking up an HC function);
  • Access to the HC Pool network;

     3. How are HC Pool members selected?

HC Pool members are identified through a nomination process open only to RC Pool members who are interested in serving in humanitarian coordination leadership positions.

Once nominated by their organization of origin (or by OCHA for candidates working in a non-IASC organization), candidates meeting eligibility criteria will be invited to an in-depth conversation with a panel of senior IASC representatives who will also review references gathered on the candidate.

Prior to their inclusion into the Pool, candidates might be asked to complete humanitarian coordination focused learning programmes or activities.

Currently serving Humanitarian Coordinators can join the Pool upon request if recommended by the IASC Emergency Directors at the time of the annual HC Performance review.

     4. Who can apply?

HC Pool membership is only open to individuals who have successfully passed the RC Assessment Center (RCAC).

In addition, candidates will need to demonstrate they meet the following requirements:

  • Truly interested and committed in serving in countries with humanitarian needs within the next 1-3 years;
  • Principled, courageous, and resilient leader willing to effectively give a voice to the most vulnerable and advocate for human rights issues;
  • Collaborative leader who takes pride from facilitating the work of others;
  • Serving or having served in high-level coordination leadership roles, ideally as Resident Coordinators or in Regional or Deputy Humanitarian Coordinators’ roles;
  • Experience in successfully negotiating issues in politically sensitive situations and 
  • Served in humanitarian coordination and/or humanitarian operations for at least three years.

     5. How to apply?

Interested candidates should prepare the following application package:

Once you have completed your application package:

  • If you are currently employed by an IASC organization (in case you are currently deployed as Resident Coordinator, this applies if your organization of origin is part of the IASC), contact the HR department within your organization – a list of focal point is available here.

Please note that pre-nomination modalities may vary among organizations and you might have received separate instruction from your organization in this regard.

  • If you are currently employed by a non-IASC organization, or you are unaware of the focal point within your organization, send a complete application package to the dedicated HC Pool mailing address (