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The Global Cluster Coordinators Group rolled out the Coordination Description Mapping in 2016. The aim of the CDM is to provide an outline of coordination arrangements in the field and to present information on cluster management structure and the standard deliverables of country clusters and sectors as well as inter-cluster coordination mechanisms. The mapping information will be used to identify trends and gaps in cluster coordination management as well as specific cluster deliverables and should assist in informing global level support to coordination arrangements in the field. 

In 2016, CDM was completed in the following 27 countries in most of which clusters are activated;  Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Colombia, CAR, DRC, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, OPT, Pacific, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria (Damascus based coordination), Turkey (for Syria response), Ukraine and Yemen .

Please find the CDM 2016 report here.

The 2017 CDM is in progress and will be published in coming months.