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The Global Cluster for Early Recovery (GCER) leads global and interagency efforts to establish and maintain standards and policy, build response capacity and operational support. The Global Cluster for Early Recovery has ensured appropriate integration of early recovery in updated IASC guidance, including on the Humanitarian Programme Cycle and Cluster Coordination.

The GCER supported the mainstreaming and integration of the early recovery approach at the Country Level through the provision of strategic and coordination support to the Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs), Resident Coordinators (RCs), Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) and Cluster Lead Agencies (CLAs).

GCER Key Functions

  • Strategic support and policy guidance
  • Cluster coordination
  • Tools and technical support
  • Resource mobilization and partnerships
  • Policy and Tools development
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Vision & Goals

Ensure holistic and system-wide response that include national and local actors to improve aid effectiveness, reduce vulnerability to shocks and to pave the way for sustainable development by strengthening linkages between humanitarian and development frameworks.

Goal 1

Early Recovery is systematically mainstreamed into humanitarian action and humanitarian and development actors are brought together to ensure successful transition to sustainable resilient-based development

Goal 2

Increase Early Recovery response capacity and operational support at the country level for more predictable, better-resourced and managed response.

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