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Protection Mainstreaming Training Package

Purpose of the training package

This training package has been developed to support fi eld-based capacity-building of United Nations and NonGovernmental Organisational personnel from all sectors in humanitarian (including protracted) emergencies – in both confl ict and natural disaster contexts. It can also be used to train government actors that are involved in the design and delivery of humanitarian programs. There are three capacity-building goals. The fi rst is that all participants understand the purpose and methods of mainstreaming protection in humanitarian emergency responses. Secondly, that they develop skills to enable them to mainstream protection. Thirdly, by demonstrating the value and importance of protection mainstreaming, participants are confi dent to encourage and support others to do the same. The anticipated result of these efforts is that those who participate in these workshops and sessions adopt a protection mainstreaming approach to their coordination and program design and implementation in humanitarian emergencies (both confl ict and natural disasters). The specific objectives of the training package are:

  • To provide comprehensive instructional materials for trained facilitators to implement training for protection and non-protection staff in the fi eld
  • To increase understanding of what protection mainstreaming means in a practical and accessible manner based on local contexts
  • To encourage participants to mainstream protection, and encourage others to do so, in their projects
  • To enable practitioners to mainstream protection in all stages of the project cycle
  • To enable practitioners to support protection mainstreaming efforts within coordination systems
  • To increase awareness in the field of materials and resources available, globally and in-country, to support protection mainstreaming efforts
  • To support the identifi cation of ways that current programs can better mainstream protection
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Global Protection Cluster
Original Publication Date: 
30 Nov 2014
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Toolbox / Toolkit