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The Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) is specifically focused on enhancing child protection coordination and response in humanitarian contexts (as defined as Humanitarian Coordinator and Early Warning contexts).

We ensure that the efforts of national and international actors to protect children are well coordinated, achieving maximum quality and impact.

The CP AoR provides in-country and remote support to over 40 countries with inter-agency field-based coordination groups and its international, national and local members. 

The Geneva-based coordination staff, the helpdesk, and the Rapid Response Team (RRT) provide remote and in-country support to field-level child protection coordination groups through:

  • Query service and analysis: Members are welcome to send any questions related to CP and/or coordination for timely responses. Received requests are analysed on a regular basis to identify gaps and priorities for global-level policy and tool development work.
  • Communities of Practice: Current and interested CP coordinators and IMs are welcome to join existing communities for peer-to-peer support.
  • Regional focal points: Current CP coordinators and IMs can receive in-depth technical support on coordination and IM through our Regional focal points.
  • RRT deployments: In addition to other forms of surge support, the RRT provides high quality, rapidly deployable child protection coordination and technical capacity in humanitarian situations.