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Report on Prepositioning for Flood in Bangladesh, June 2014

Bangladesh is one of the most flood prone countries in the world, located in south Asian sub-continent. During the last half century at least 08 number of extreme flood events occurred affecting 50% of land area. Because of its unique geographical location and topography, flood of different magnitudes and types occurs every year. Therefore, preparedness before the flood season is necessary to reduce the impact on the people’s lives and properties.

Early Recovery and Shelter cluster, following by the request from Department of Disaster Management (DDM) has circulated the forwarding letter from Director General (DG) and a comprehensive template among the members to collect information related to the prepositioning of relief and other resources to their organizations to take immediate action right after the disaster in order to update the Flood Response Preparedness Plan of Bangladesh for 2014. The compiled information from other clusters including Food Security cluster, WASH cluster are also included in the contingency stock.

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Early Recovery
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30 Jun 2014
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Analysis Report