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Report on Prepositioning for Cyclone in Bangladesh, April 2014

Due to its unique geographical location in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh suffers from devastating tropical cyclones frequently. These cyclones are accountable for large scale destruction and loss of life specially, during cyclone season, April-May and September-November months of the year. Considering the approaching cyclone season, Government of Bangladesh and other relevant national and international stakeholders have started taking stock of relief and other resources so as to be able to respond right after cyclone.

Early Recovery cluster, following by the decision of the cluster meeting held on 02 March 2014 has circulated a comprehensive 4W Matrix among the members to collect information related to the prepositioning of relief and other resources to their organizations to take immediate action right after the disaster. The information from other clusters including food security cluster, shelter cluster and recently published Emergency Cyclone Preparedness Plan 2014 by Department of Disaster Management (DDM) are also included in the report.

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Early Recovery
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30 Apr 2014
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Analysis Report