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Early Recovery Guiding Principles

The Government and the humanitarian community in Bangladesh have jointly evolved an indigenous Early Recovery (ER) coordination system that has endeavored to take the global practices into account and customize them to the context-specific realities of Bangladesh. While each disaster would present its uniquely peculiar challenges, the local as well as the global experience points to the fact that there are certain recurrent fundamental normative principles that need to be adhered to, with a view to ensure that the ER response is consistently equitable and efficient.  

The Guiding Principles for Early Recovery in Bangladesh comprise of generic, cross-cutting, value-based parameters that aim at harmonizing the rights-based spirit behind the humanitarian action throughout the disaster management process. Evolved through a consultative process led by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) and facilitated by UNDP – in its capacity as the lead agency for ER coordination - the Guiding Principles are meant to be a set of inter-cluster, self-regulating parameters.

The humanitarian actors in Bangladesh, organized under the humanitarian clusters, would employ these Principles while formulating, updating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating their respective strategies, programmes and projects.

The Early Recovery Guiding Principles was launched by the MoDMR at the National Disaster Preparedness Day on 27 March 2014.

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Early Recovery
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27 Mar 2014
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