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Policy Instruction on Field Map Production and Dissemination

The purpose of this instruction is to establish the overarching policy for standardised map production and dissemination within OCHA field offices and Humanitarian Information Centres (HIC).  

Compliance with this policy is mandatory. The primary audiences for this policy are OCHA Heads of Office (HoO) and other designates in the field responsible for overall OCHA field activities. The secondary audience are OCHA field staff with functional responsibilities in Geographic Information System (GIS), in particular, Information Management Officers (IMO). This policy includes all maps and mapping products produced by OCHA staff at the field level and is intended to provide the minimum standard for map production within OCHA field Offices.

The rationale for this policy is to ensure that OCHA produces mapping products that enhance the end user experience and reflect the organisation’s position on the situations mapped. As identified by 2007 Information Management Review, while individual OCHA products and services might be found to be effective and of high quality, the overall range of user-perceived quality spans from very high to poor. The introduction of this policy will ensure that OCHA maps are consistent in their appearance across field offices and emergencies. Improving the clarity of OCHA maps will allow the end user to better assimilate the visual information presented and understand the complex humanitarian situation portrayed in the product.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
29 Jun 2009
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