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Guidelines to Field Map Production and Dissemination

The purpose of this guideline document is to support OCHA Information Management Officers in the production of standardized maps and mapping products within OCHA field offices and Humanitarian Information Centres (HIC). Compliance with these guidelines is mandatory as per the OCHA Policy Instruction on Field Map Production and Dissemination.

The primary audiences for this guidance document are field based Information Management Officers (IMO) and OCHA field staff with functional responsibilities in Geographic Information System (GIS) and production of maps. The secondary audiences are OCHA Heads of Office (HoO) and other designates in the field responsible for overall OCHA coordination and information products that will use these guidelines to benchmark mapping products for the purposes of clearance and dissemination. This guidance excludes OCHA headquarters map production, including ReliefWeb’s maps production. Relevant guidance materials will be developed for ReliefWeb and the Visual Media Unit in 2009.  

These guidelines have been developed to provide instruction and guidance to OCHA Field Information Management Officers (IMO) on the production of OCHA GIS mapping products and related services. The guideline is intended to support producers of mapping products within OCHA to produce consistent, concise and quality products that reflect OCHA branding and enhance the end user experience. This document will allow OCHA technical staff to produce predictable mapping products that will share OCHA standards and common look-and-feel throughout the organization. This guidance document is consistent with recommendations arising from the Information Management Review and the IASC agreed Operational Guidance on Information Management.  

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Original Publication Date: 
29 Jun 2009
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