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A ‘Space’ is a collection of users and content related to a specific topic or operation. Examples of spaces are the Mali operation or the content on the Programme Cycle. Next time you hear an nerd talking about ‘space’, please don’t think that we are aliens…  


‘Group’ is a drupal (our content management system for term for what we call ‘Spaces’. It only appears in the admin interface. Count yourself lucky, if you see it – it means you have manager rights on! 


When you click to the ‘Follow’-button of a site (and you are logged into the site with your account) it will subscribe you to the mailing list of  that site (if it is actually maintaining a mailing list).  


The ‘Check-in’ button adds you to an operation or space and, in the case of operations, gives you the possibility to appear in the contacts list of a specific country. No more need to worry that your email address is misspelled in a contact list and you don’t receive emails. Now, you’re the master of your contacts!