Humanitarianresponse Logo launched in response to unfolding crisis

by Yaelle Link on 20 Jun 2014


Due to the unfolding crisis in Iraq, the humanitarian community in country has requested the setup of an site for Iraq.

During the past 24 hours, the team has been working hard to make this happen. Colleagues in Iraq provided crucial information, such as the common operational datasets and the cluster coordination arrangements to enable a quick turnaround:


The Mystery of Launching a Site

by Andrej Verity on 17 Jun 2014

Somalia Site

Recently, we have been approached by a few people asking why do only certain countries have a site or why do some sites run version 2 while others are on the old version? Unfortunately, there is no magic behind it (sorry to disappoint you) but today we are going to unfold the mystery.

Take-Off: First Operational Site is Migrated to V2 (Ethiopia)

by Andrej Verity on 06 Jun 2014


Over the past few days, the team has been working on our first migration of a site from Version 1.19 to Version 2.0.  As with any technical migration, we knew that there would be challenges in the first couple attempts. When asking the existing site managers, the OCHA Ethiopia office kindly volunteered to be one of the first to migrate. Thankfully, they do not manage one of the more complex sites (i.e. not multiple emergencies, multiple languages, etc.) allowing us to focus on building and refining a robust migration process.  Today, we are officially releasing the Ethiopia Humanitarian Response site ( on Version 2.0 Version 2 Branding Resources

by Andrej Verity on 23 Apr 2014 Branding Colours

In our migration from Verison 1 to Version 2 of the platform, we adopted some new colours, a new logo, and a new font.  In the transition, we realized that now would be a great time to make all of these items openly available for everyone to use through a dedicated Branding Information page in the About Us section of our website.

Security Update from (Heartbleed Bug)

by Andrej Verity on 10 Apr 2014

Heartbleed logo

Here in the team, we take security very seriously. Our servers and technical platform are continually updated to ensure that we minimize technical vulnerabilities. We know that many of you work in security-sensitive areas and that if you are going to trust us with your data, we need to do everything that we can to protect it. V2 Global Cluster Migration & Interactive Map

by Andrej Verity on 04 Apr 2014

Cluster Cluster Activation Map

One of the requirements that we have always had for the Global Clusters website was to track and display where the respective clusters were formally activated around the world. In Version 1 of, we setup a simple web tool that OCHA's Humanitarian Coordination Support Section (HCSS) managed centrally. They would regularly survey the clusters and field offices to determine where clusters were active.  Updates only happened when the HQ-based unit made them.

HR2.0 Soft Launch

by Andrej Verity on 31 Mar 2014 Version 2 home page

Today we are excited to announce the ‘soft-launch’ of the 2.0 version of platform (HR2.0) on our global site. This version comes with a fresh new look and improved functionality in a big step towards giving our audience a single solution to find operational information and resources. Updates (Nov 2013)

by Andrej Verity on 08 Nov 2013

The ( project started in 2012 and, rather than talk about our work widely, we have kept our heads down building out a core platform that can be used and relied upon. The platform is now being used to power 36 sites and 4 more coming online soon. By focusing on the platform core and then integrating field-level feedback generated from active use, we are are now able to start adding more and more awesome features to the platform.