Humanitarianresponse Logo - What is happening in 2015?

by Khan Javed on 07 Jan 2015

After we shared our flagship achievements in 2014 in the blog post ‘Blast from the past’, we are excited to bring you on course regarding the upcoming work. This year we will be sailing towards new exciting features to extend’s functionality, making it a full-rigged ship. Some of those features are the results of the feedback we receive from field offices and some are our thought-out ideas that will improve the users’ experience in managing and navigating through the platform. - Blast from the past

by Yaelle Link on 18 Dec 2014

We always claim to be different from everyone else. Well, this time we’re not. We recognize that this email may be the 35th newsletter you have received in December 2014 wishing you a Happy New Year and all that. As you may have noticed, we’re seizing any opportunity we get to promote our work. So sending you simple 2015 greetings just won’t be enough.

We are proud as peacocks about some awesome achievements the community has put in place during the past 12 months. Here are a few of the key hightlights:

And action! The award.

by Yaelle Link on 12 Dec 2014

What do “Beauty And The Beast”, “Up” and “Toy Story 3” have in common? They are all animated films that have received Best Picture nominations for an Oscar. Soon (but highly unlikely) they may be joined by yet another great animated film (clip): The Story.

All for one and one for all

by Yaelle Link on 03 Dec 2014

Horse by im icons from The Noun Project

Can you remember the first time you have deployed to a natural disaster? Can you recall a few things that struck you instantly and kept you wondering for a while until you got so used to them that you actually forgot about them? Perhaps one of these odds were the flags and banners attached to cars, trucks, tents… displaying the logos of a plethora of UN agencies and NGOs.   

Glide through

by Yaelle Link on 20 Oct 2014

Do you know how many disasters happened in 2013 around the world?

You may figure it out by carefully counting and remembering which countries you have been to last year. Though chances are high that you miscalculate, especially when a disaster is spread across multiple countries - just like the Ebola crisis.   

What makes unique ?

by Yaelle Link on 24 Sep 2014

Many of you are wondering why there are so many different platforms in the humanitarian sphere. And you’re right! Let’s not beat around the bush, the question in the back of your mind is probably: “Why do we need when we already have great sites such as ReliefWeb and IRIN?”

Thanks for asking the question! sibling Humanitarian Kiosk (H.Kiosk) goes Android and UNDAC

by Khan Javed on 05 Aug 2014

OCHA welcomes a new member to their family of information services, the H.Kiosk for Android!

Although not connected on the technical level, OCHA’s Field Information Services team (FIS) considers to have a sibling in the Humanitarian Kiosk (H.Kiosk) mobile app. Why? For two reasons: 

  1. They were both conceived, developed and managed by the same team (FIS);

Philippines and IM Toolbox - Our next milestone in V2

by Khan Javed on 05 Jul 2014

IM Toolbox in V2

Since we started migrating our operational sites into the platform version 2.0, we are pleased to announce the migration of the biggest of all operational sites to Version 2. Which one are we talking about? The Philippines, of course! Thousands of contents such as documents, visuals, contacts and datasets have made their way to a new home. A small step for our users, a giant step for the Team!

UNICEF integrating cluster activation feed into global cluster sites

by Andrej Verity on 24 Jun 2014


In April we announced one of our first interactive maps on version 2 - the offical Cluster Activiation map. At the same time, we released technical feeds that would allow others to pull the official data behind this map into their systems. UNICEF, as a lead to three clusters and two areas-of-responsibilities, quickly recognized the benefit of pulling such information from an authoritative source

Iraq URL and Security

by Andrej Verity on 23 Jun 2014


Yesterday, we announced the launch of the new Iraq site on, but unfortunately, the secure URL redirect ( that we included was not yet active. As we have mentioned previously, the team recognizes the importance of having a secure site. In that regard, our website encrypts all traffic in the same way that services like Gmail and Facebook do.