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As the team began to work on developing our own Application Programming Interface (API) to allow others to access and interact with our content in custom ways, we knew that we needed to apply as many standards as possible.  We had already started using standards like Glide Numbers, the Financial Tracking Service appeal names & numbers, and global cluster names. However, we found a gap - standard global cluster codes that we needed.

Given our timeframe was the matter of a couple weeks, we created an open Google Doc for suggestions. We then invited a wide range of (more technical) people and groups to comment including the Humanitarian Exchange Language, Humanitarian Data Exchange, Financial Tracking Service, Online Reporting System, ReliefWeb, OCHA’s Information Management Officers, OCHA’s global Assessment team, ACAPS and the global Information Management Working Group’s sub-group on Web and Tools [Shelter Cluster, UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children and OCHA].

And, voila, we now have a standard.  Although not really for the non-technical, you can see our list of standard cluster codes in action through our API  [CSV/XLS and JSON].  We have also added links to them on the HDX platform

Using standards to innovate.

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22 Jan 2015