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Needs Assessment: It’s here, it’s there - it’s everywhere.

Since 2009 the humanitarian community has undertaken massive efforts to coordinate and harmonize their approach on assessments: ACAPS and partners have published a lot of practical materials on how to conduct assessments. OCHA's Coordinated Assessment Support Section chaired the Task Force on Needs Assessment of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee which has developed the MIRA manual and a dedicated page of tools, guidance and policy related to needs assessment.  And now  is excited to share with you our new, interactive global Assessment Registry, built from assessments registered on our website.  

Avoiding duplications, eliminating unnecessary efforts and, most importantly, not burdening the same affected people with multiple assessment visits is a challenge we are all trying to overcome. Our interactive assessment map aims to be a piece of that solution. Now, you can check if assessments have already taken place in certain locations, if they are planned or ongoing and if something has already happened in your specific sector(s). We hope to save you time and effort.

The global assessment registry displays assessments that have been uploaded to by OCHA, the cluster leads and humanitarian partners. You can filter by country, cluster, organization and date. Whenever available, you can download an assessment’s report, questionnaire and/or data.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 assessments in the registry from past and present emergencies. We count on you to make use of those assessments and contribute to the registry in the future by making your planned, ongoing and past assessment data available. Simply contact us at if you would like an assessment added.

We would like to thank Troy Hallisey, who has leveraged the API to visualised the data on the interactive map. We would also like to thank those - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - , who are already actively sharing their assessment data on the site.

Here, there - everywhere!   

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11 Aug 2015