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Machines love to talk too: Introducing the API

Today we are excited to launch the “application programming interface” (API) for the platform. Using these APIs, developers can pull’s operational data and website taxonomy to build tools to support humanitarian operations and extend the functionality of the platform.

The APIs are in the beta state but stable enough for developers to build their applications on. The advance parameters provided with the API will help users filter specific data they need from the platform.

We have already started making use of these APIs by leveraging the operations APIs i.e. country websites and revamped the interactive operational map where we show the current country websites launched under

Using the operational content e.g. Event APIs, cluster, coordination or other thematic meetings can be easily pulled by other websites or apps to build custom calendars in their required design. We have also exposed most of the taxonomy and we encourage the developer community to build their tools using these standard terms for better interoperability i.e. information exchange and future integration. Existing users in wanting to bulk import their content in can also benefit using these APIs and use the taxonomy to prepare their data for csv templates.

Ready to give it a try? Check out the API Documentation!

If you have any feedback or need help building tools with our APIs, get in touch at and we look forward to hear what you come up using our API.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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11 Feb 2015