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Humanitarian ID contacts integrated into Philipppines

Shortly after the  Login integration on, the HID team travelled to the Philippines to test their application and to gather firsthand feedback from the humanitarian community. Leading up to the pilot, the team knew that integrating the Humanitarian ID Philippines contact list would be very important for the community as well as avoid both duplication and confusion (as we also provide contact list features).

Early discussions by the HID team in Manila were feed back to the development team and integration work commenced. Within a couple days of the HID pilot commencement, we had deployed a direct connection between the two platforms.

The HID Philippines contacts are now display on and searchable through the Contacts page. For responders, it not only means that you only have to update your contact details in one place (HID), but that that you can confidently find contacts through either site (HID or For contact list managers it means that updates and maintenance only have to happen in one location.

Integrating to make your job easier.

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United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Created date

24 Mar 2015