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Humanitarian Coordination Pool

The IASC Humanitarian Coordination Pool is a tool to pre-identify high-calibre humanitarian professionals from the UN, the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, NGOs and other organizations, who are considered by the IASC to be qualified for humanitarian coordination leadership positions, such as: 

RC-track posts: Resident Coordinator in disaster-prone countries (RC), Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC), Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General/RC/HC (DSRSG/RC/HC) andHC-track posts: Stand-alone HC, Deputy HC, Senior HC, Regional HC, and Deputy Regional HC.

Rigorous screening and interview processes are carried out by senior-level IASC panels comprising of UN and non-UN representatives.

Who should apply?

Candidates with:

  • Minimum 15 years of progressively responsible professional experience;
  • At least five years of representational and leadership experience at senior level (P5 equivalent and above), including a minimum of three years at the country level in a multi-sectoral and/or multilateral context;
  • At least three years of field experience managing and/or coordinating multi-sector humanitarian assistance operations, preferably at the country level.
  • Experience in the management and/or the coordination of development programmes is an asset.

Anyone can apply to the HC Pool, whether a staff member of an IASC organization, an NGO not affiliated with the IASC, the UN Secretariat, a UN Specialized Agency, an international organization, a government, a private sector organization, or an independently employed individual. Candidates must, however, be nominated by an IASC organization. OCHA can nominate qualified candidates who are not staff members of an IASC organization.

How to apply?

Candidates currently employed by an IASC organization:

As pre-nomination processes may vary among organizations, it is recommended to get in contact with the HR department within the organization to get more details regarding the nomination modalities. In general, candidates will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Complete CV (UNDP format)
  • Filled in Eligibility Form

Independent candidates should send a complete application package (attached below) to the dedicated HC Pool mailing address ( This includes:

  • Complete CV (UNDP format)
  • Filled in Eligibility Form

Former or sitting DSRSG/RC/HCs, RC/HCs, HCs, RHCs and DHCs who are interested in joining the pool should contact the Talent Management Coordinator, Ms. Claudia Purpura at

What is the purpose of the HC Pool?

Thanks to the HC Pool:

  • More high-calibre candidates are identified for humanitarian coordination leadership positions, leading to better selection;
  • The humanitarian community − and the UN system as a whole − is better able to assess candidates’ suitability for humanitarian coordination leadership posts, as the rigorous selection process provides precious evidence on candidates’ experience, skills and attitude;
  • The ERC and IASC partners are able to quickly identify suitable candidates for urgent leadership assignments, including for L3 emergencies;
  • Humanitarian field leaders have greater access to humanitarian coordination leadership roles, thanks to personalized career advice and support throughout the selection process.

For more information: Please contact the Talent Management Coordinator, Ms. Claudia Purpura at