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Contact Management Introduction

The contact list is one of the core products that the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) establishes in both sudden onset emergencies and chronic crisis. It is a simple but powerful coordination tool for humanitarian response environments where there are a multitude of various actors working across a range of cluster/sectors. 

The contact list is a public, searchable database of basic contact information for individuals and organizations responding to the emergency. The contact list can help given an overview of organizational presence and can allow individuals and groups to connect and coordinate. 


Contact Management Tool: Humanitarian ID

Humanitarian ID (H.ID) is a single contact management solution for everyone working in humanitarian crises and disasters. In any humanitarian crisis, an accurate contact list is critical to help ensure an effective response. Unfortunately, managing such a contact list is nearly impossible resulting in many out-dated lists and frustrated responders. The Humanitarian ID provides a “self-managed” approach to contact lists.

You, as a responder, can simply “check-in” to any crisis and provide your locally relevant contact details for the contact list. When you leave the crisis, you simply “check-out” thereby removing your details from the contact list (and email list). The process will be painless and will only take you a few seconds. But, the new approach will save countless people the current frustration of trying to find the right contacts on outdated contact lists.

Humanitarian ID Contact List


Contact Management Examples

The links below show several examples of current OCHA contact lists on and country specific web platforms.