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3W - Who does What, Where - Guide

The main purpose of a basic 3W is to show our outlined the operational presence by sector and location within an emergency. At this basic level, the 3W Operational Presence (3W:OP) can enable organizations to help identify potential partners, quickly give a very rough understanding of an on­going response, and superficially identify potential overlaps or gaps in response.

When paired with other data, the 3W:OP produces specialized 3W products which can be used to help responders to ask more informed questions, to feed into analysis of a response, and to identify a variety of overlaps/gaps such as need versus response and need versus funding.

3W - Who does What, Where - Target Audience

Although a simple classification, there are two very distinct 3W product consumers: 1) in-country responders and 2) global/headquarter based humanitarians. Distinguishing the difference is critical as in-country responders are looking for quick, detailed products to help in making decisions whereas global audiences tend to be looking more general and well-styled products.

3W - Who does What, Where - Data Cleaning and Product Creation

This 3W process guidance has been developed during the sudden-onset response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013/2014. It has iteratively evolved and been generalized for the purpose of this guidance.

Please note that this guidance will only work in contexts where clusters are activated and dedicated IM capacity is made available to clusters.

General Flow

Data is provided to OCHA by the clusters on a set schedule via Dropbox (or another cloud-based collaboration tool)  
Data received by OCHA that did not come from clusters is placed in a special Dropbox folder and shared with the clusters for their internal inclusion. OCHA does not make use of this ad hoc data, but rather relies on the cluster to integrate  [this has to be agreed on in an IMWG and be documented]
OCHA moves cluster data into a standard template, cleans & p-codes it, and then generates products at national and, if applicable, at sub-national level.


3W Tool

This tool provides basic 3W OP funcitonality and includes setup instructions. Consider using a simple one page form below that can be entered and shared with the clusters Provide a simple document (sample below) that outlines how and when partners can provide their 3W input to the various clusters

Basic 3W Tool
3W Tool: Horizontal Scales

This tool includes example data from the Philippines and includes setup instructions


Example of 3W OP Output from the Philippines

This is a sample 3W output from OCHA Philippines. Also included is a sample Interesting Facts product generated from the 3W.